A few weeks ago Christophe from Canada contacted us asking for a proposal shoot for the end of August, he had seen our work and just loved it and wanted this moment to be special and have images that captured it.

So after many whatsapp messages he came up with an amazing and very romantic plan and this is what happened:
Christophe was on holiday in Morocco and Rouba was on holiday here in the Algarve with Christophe’s sisters and had no idea that Christophe was flying in to propose.
Last night the ladies had a table reservations at the stunning resort of Villas Joya in Gale and when they arrived Rouba was taken to this stunning spot on the cliff tops where a blanket, cushions, champagne, chocolate, strawberries and food were laid out for her all organised by Villa Joya. But there was also a photo album, Named “Our Story”, she sat down and started looking through the Photo Book, meanwhile Kellie was on another rook with her assistant pretending to do a fashion shoot but was capturing the moment.
algarve proposal
Once the book was read Christophe walked along the cliff with a huge bouquet of roses and got down on one knee and asked the question….. are you crying yet? as both Kellie and her assistant were.
It was an amazing moment and we were honoured to be able to capture if for them both.
After the guys had a special moment Kellie made herself known and then they had just enough time to get a few shots before the sun went down.
Congratulations guys, and you have our card for your wedding 🙂 Keep in touch xx

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