Algarve Photography Packages

So you want something special from your Algarve Wedding Photographer?

It’s decided! Your getting married in the Algarve and you want stunning photos of your wedding day, but you don’t like to be forced posed!
You really like the candid informal shots, you know the ones right? The ones that people don’t know when they are having their picture taken, but you also want the formal family group shots for Mum & Dad because the whole family are together however you don’t want to spend 2 hours taking them like you did at maggie’s wedding last year, Finally you also want your Algarve wedding photographer to be fun and a part of your wedding not some old man that wears sandals and stinks of cats or a 18 year old student that has just gotten his first camera and gives you black and white out of focus images and calls them fine art… sound at all familiar?

Say no more…

Wedding Photography Packages & Prices

Whether you want part or full Photography coverage then we have a package that will suit your requirements and more importantly your budget, all our prices include VAT so the price you see is the price you pay, we don’t believe in hidden extras.

We do require a 200 Euro non refundable deposit to secure your day and the best thing is you don’t even have to pick your package straight away, the most important thing is getting your date secure. Below you will see our wedding packages and we think you will agree we have covered everything you could possibly need.

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Price: 799.€

Price: 999.€

Price: 1,299€

Price: 2,999.€

Photo Booth


Why not add one of our solid shell photo booths? guaranteed fun factor for any wedding party.

Unlimited Prints

Unlimited Visits

3 Hours Run Time

All photos will be uploaded along with your wedding images into your private gallery

Social Media Uploads

Massive range of Props

All the images will be put on your USB along with your wedding images

Personal attendant to make sure things run smoothly and add to the fun

Optional extras always on hand like key-rings, fridge magnets and framed prints.


Price: €395.00

Trash the Dress


So….Food for thought! after the big day when the dust settles and you are man and wife, the food has been eaten and the party ends, what next? Go home and store the dress?…. HELL NO! Let the fun carry on and lets “TRASH THE DRESS” Algarve style!!!

Many brides are now taking their Algarve wedding photographs to the next level by booking a Trash the Dress photo shoot, these shoots are normally booked a day or two after the wedding day when you once again get a chance to wear your dress and capture some amazing unique images. Does the dress really get trashed?…. of course not, it can get wet and dirty if you decide to go into the sea but after a dry clean it is as good as new and you get some amazing pictures that will stay with you forever, did I also mention how fun it is too?

We can shoot your Algarve Trash the Dress photo session in almost any location, the only thing stopping you is your own imagination.


Price: €349.00

Extra Photographer


We always shoot our weddings with two photographers as standard because we like to have all bases covered on your big day, however if you are having a large wedding and the photography is important to you it might be a good idea to add another one of our photographers.

The benefit of this is of course more images for you but it also means you have almost everything covered, two photographers is normally enough but if your wedding has over 150 people we can be in two places at once but not three. Another shooter will be concentrating more on your guests and candid moments between them, they can also help organise your guests when it comes to the group shots and they can also stay with your guests and carry on shooting when we take you away for your one to one session. And of course they will also have their own style and perspective adding even more variety to your final wedding images.


Price: €200.00


Presentation Boxes

Check out our super cool crystal heart USB pens and rustic wooden presentation boxes that come free with all our packages.

Your treasured memories will be kept safe for you to enjoy in the years to come and for the generations that follow.

We also offer various rustic gift boxes to house prints and extra USB pens and they make great gifts for special occasions for parents, family members, the bridal party and friends.

Elegance Albums

Our real Leather bound lay flat albums are simply awesome, printed on fuji film gallery quality photo lustre paper, real leather cover and presentation box, your wedding photo’s will just pop out at you.

All elegance albums come with a 200 year guarantee against fading. this really will become a family heirloom. This album comes included with our Regal Package and is also available as an optional extra


Meet The Team


Photographer / Videographer
On the Day the only thing that matters is the couple
James Hardie Photographer/Videographer

I have had a passion for photography since I developed my first black and white negative at the age of 14, my camera has been my constant companion throughout my life. I love people, I’m Very outgoing and like to have fun especially with my couples I guess that’s why most of my friends are in fact past clients.

My photographic training carried on after collage and I studied under the famous English portrait photographer Ron Frampton who is a fellow of the Royal Photographic Society, I was also a member of the Royal Photographic Society.


Wedding Photography:

Over the years I have won some awards for my work including image of the year from the VAME society and wedding supplier of the year from the Algarve Wedding Directory, But to be honest I did not become a photographer to win awards and I have no interest in them. However my wedding images have appeared on various websites, brochures, advertising material and UK bridal magazines which I am very proud of. I am always moving with the times keeping my equipment and software up to date, much to Kellie’s dismay, but Hey I like to keep with the times and I like to have the best equipment for the job.

I have shot weddings all over the world including the UK, Norway, Spain, Malta and Australia. Cinematography is another passion of mine and I have produced a number of property, promotional and wedding videos for large and small companies & private clients. Image making on a whole is my passion, I hope the love of my art shows in the images I produce. Family is the most important thing in my life, without them I would not have had the support to follow my dreams and do what I do.

My passion however is Weddings as I just love the drama and Romance between two people and I just love being creative at the one to one session, especially if the couple want to hit the cliff tops at sunset and have some fun.


I am also a approved member of the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers.





Photographer / Admin
Live every day as if its your last!
Kellie Hardie

I came to the Algarve from the UK in 1992 as a children’s rep for a well known holiday company. I feel as if I have a genuine ability to connect with people of all age groups and they seem to gravitate towards me which I just love. Like James I also had a passion for photography since an early age and my camera was never far from me, I have a keen eye for the smaller details that would sometimes be missed, I decided to turn professional as I felt that this is where my true passion lies. I have shot weddings alongside James in Portugal and the United Kingdom and I also have a passion for baby/family photography, I just love being around children.

I also have the pleasure of running the office and organising the team.

James and I met when James was on an assignment shooting properties here in Portugal, He blew me away with his keen sense of humour, warmth, passion for life and a smile that just melted my heart and after all these years he still has the same effect on me. With our love for photography it made perfect sense to work together, we bounce of each other and together we can provide our clients with the shots they demand but from different angles with our own unique styles…..We work, rest and play together and I am thankful I found my soul mate.

We love the Algarve and we currently live in the small village of Paderne with our 4 children Megan, Auron, Sam & Isabelle, 2 cats Tabitha & Luna, 2 dogs Dottie & Mya, 4 chickens Ella, Stephanie, Rose & Alice and our Hamster Midnight.




I, Zoe started out in music & events photography over six years ago where I quickly gained a reputation for quality & professionalism covering popular events like Glastonbury, Opening my own studio in the UK and moving to portrait, wedding & commercial photography came as a natural progression and my studio went from strength to strength.
I have been published in National & Local UK press. Music press, magazines & programs. Wedding publications. Commercial & Tourism publications. Contracts for product companies & Music Production & Music Festival companies.
​My Husband, Daughter and I decided to live our dreams and start a new life in Portugal, I contacted James Hardie Photography to offer my services after hearing amazing things about them and after the first meeting we all felt a connection, we just seemed to just fit together so well. I now serve as second Shooter for the larger packages but I also head up James Hardie Photography’s team B and shoot the smaller more intimate weddings.

I am a member of the Society of Wedding & Portrait Photographers, The Society of International Schools & Event Photography & the Baby & Newborn Photography Association.


Drone Pilot
Filip JM – Done Pilot

I am a freelance Drone pilot and Streaming engineer.

James and Kellie met me at a wedding in 2015 and they told me that I blew them away with not only my skill as a pilot but my skill as a videographer.

They asked me to join the team and with their passion for photography I just could not refuse, so here I am as their eye in the sky.

I have filmed all over the world including Morocco, Greece and Iceland for large Tour operators and although I still travel to film I take the summer shooting with my drone Algarve weddings adding that cinematic Wow factor to James Hardie Photography videos.

Heard of the live streaming? Well thats me, I also set up and co-ordinate it all at James and Kellie’s wedding ceremonies. I value James and Kellie friendship and commitment to their couples and we all work great together. I also run my own aerial film business Aero Foto where i am always flying my drone.

The Algarve is where I live with my wife and daughter.


Do I really need a Drone at my Wedding? from James Hardie Photography on Vimeo.


I, Megan am the field assistant at James Hardie Photography, I join the team for most of the big packages when they are shooting photography and video, I carry equipment, bring drinks, fetch and carry from the car and do all that is required to make sure the team are happy doing their job.

I am currently at collage studying event management as this is the field I eventually want to work in and I love the experience I get from being the teams assistant.

I love working with James Hardie Photography, the day’s are long and the work is sometimes hard and my feet are killing me at the end of the day but I love being around people and I adore a wedding. Also I guess I was destined to follow down this path as my Dad and Mum are James & Kellie Hardie.