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Got a Question About Your Algarve Wedding Photography?

We have tried to give all the information we can on our website, However you guys are really smart and you have questions we have not covered.

To make life easier for you, here are the most frequently asked questions couples ask us.

Yes, we ask for a 200 Euro deposit to secure your date for your Algarve wedding, Don't worry you don't have to pick your package straight away the most important thing is that you secure us for your wedding date.
We can shoot well over 70 weddings a season so its best to book at least 18 months in advance, if your wedding is sooner then still drop us a line to check our availability.
Your Photos will take between 12-18 weeks to edit and will be transferred to you by We Transfer. Due to Brexit we have found the USB tend to get corrupt due to everything being scanned.
Everyone is different and none of our couples are forced posed. We believe the way to capture beautiful images is to have fun, during your one to one session we just have a laugh, let you be together and see what happens, no forced posing, no stress
Hell no, it's your wedding day, we will be hanging in the background shooting you and your guests and you won't even know, we want to be a part of your day so we will mingle and have a few laughs with your family and friends. the only time we will be together is the one to one session
Thats good because neither do we, give me 20 minutes on the beach or clifftop to get some stunning images, I promise a few laughs and the time will just fly, then we can all head back to the bar and have a beer
We try and get your Highlights video uploaded to Vimeo as soon as possible, if you have booked our popular feature collection or Elegance Package then this will take a little longer. we always aim to get our couples photos and films to them within 3 months
Of course, We shoot with Sony for photography and video, we also carry backup cameras, flashes, lights, batteries, memory cards the list goes on, due to the amount of weddings we shoot we upgrade our equipment every 2 years and we always shoot with professional grade gear and the latest models. We leave nothing to chance
So don't get an album right now, we don't believe in hard sell and I am sure the money for an album could be better spent elsewhere. We hold all your images on file for 10 years. Many of our couples come back to us for their first year wedding anniversary or even two years down the line and order an album.
Once you have received your images you will need to pick up to 70 images and give Kellie the photo numbers, she will then design and order, please keep in mind this is very time consuming so its usually done in the Winter when we are not shooting any weddings. The Albums get sent to you direct from the printers who are based in the UK.
Yes we get this email at least 5 times a week.... all our packages and prices are on our website under wedding photography & wedding Films
Of course, we believe in a transparent pricing structure, the price you see is the price you pay with no hidden extras.
Absolutely, but don't shop around for price, I am sure you will find cheaper and you will defiantly find more expensive, your choice of photographer has to come down to your personal taste, check their portfolio, if you love their work then check out their reviews, google them and then talk to them, you have to have a connection with your photographer as they will be with you all day. If you don't like our work and you don't feel a connection with us then please look for another photographer and don't book us because our price is better.
To become a member of the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers you have to pass a series of tests including references from other Professional photographers and past clients, you have had to have shot over 50 weddings, three complete weddings also have to be submitted so they can check the technical consistency of our work, then we have to be voted in by a panel. If membership is granted it means your ranked as one of the best wedding photographers in the world. We feel all warm and fuzzy we are members
We come from planet Zed and shoot pictures with our minds... Ok maybe not, all my team are very passionate about what we do, we love creating beautiful work but most of all we put your needs above anyone else's , its your day not ours, I have held a brides hand as she cried, I have helped button up her dress, I have handed tissues to the groom to wipe his sweat during the wedding ceremony, my team have had a beer with the couple and their guests and had a few laughs, we have organised the cake cutting, we have told the father of the bride which side to walk down the aisle on. I guess what I am trying to say is that we genuinely care about you and your day and we just so happen to be good at what we do. But like I have said, you have to be able to connect with your photographer, there are some great artists here in the Algarve and they are all good at what they do, but there is only one James Hardie Photography.
Cool, first thing to do is stop reading this and use the contact us form to get in touch and see if we have your date available, then we can start the fun part of hearing all your plans, finding out more about you guys and start planning your days photography/videography Exciting huh!