Gemma and Anthony contacted us only last week as there was a mix up booking their photographer and unfortunately they was left only days before their wedding day without one, my main team and myself was already shooting another wedding that day but luckily we have associate photographers that also work with us. What is an associate photographer I hear you ask? well we only use professional photographers as second shooters these photographers are freelance but work under our name like a team B and have to stick to strict guidelines. All their work has to be past before we even contemplate them working with us. Gemma and Anthony was devastated they may not have a photographer for their big day so we assigned one of our seasoned associate shooters Olha to cover their big day.

Gemma and Anthony

A few days before their wedding Gemma and Anthony came into our studio and met with Kellie, Olha and Myself, it was a good time to get to know these guys and also good for them to chat to Olha on what they wanted for their special day, and of course have a laugh with us all, which we did.

Gemma and Anthony booked our Luxury all day photography package.

Olha arrived at the Tivoli Marina to cover the bridal prep and found a very relaxed Gemma, now Gemma told us at the meeting that she found her dream dress a few years ago which she bought and she had been waiting for ever to wear it, however a few months ago she went out again with her mum and found another dress which she had to have so this this lucky bride had 2 dresses for her big day 😉

Once Gemma was dressed and ready Olha headed over to Boliquieme church were she met all the boys and by the look of this shot it looks like she had lot of fun wth them all.

The ceremony was lovely and after the 120 guest made their way to the Tivoli for the reception, Gemma and Anthony traveled in style in a vintage car.

Olha informed us that these guys were so much fun and she managed to grab them for a few one to one sessions.

In the evening Gemma changed into dress number two and I must admit seeing the images she looked stunning in both.

Olha had an amazing time with you guys and all the team at James Hardie Photography would like to wish you all the love & luck in the world.

About the Photographer

We only use the best photographers that meet our strict guidelines for excellence and we only send talented individuals to represent us as a associate photographer for weddings.

Olha is from the Ukraine and has been shooting professionally for 9 years and she loves weddings, we were very impressed with Olha when she applied to our studio for a position as second shooter, it was apparent from the beginning that she would be better suited joining our team and shooting weddings on her own as a James Hardie Photography Associate.

Olha lives here in the Algarve with her husband and two children

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