Zoomarine Wedding Promo Video

In October Kellie had a meeting with Fernanda the Wedding co – ordinator at Zoomarine, they were looking to increase awareness for Zoomarine Weddings at the Popular Zoomarine park in Guia, Albufeira and asked us if we would be interested to do an Algarve Wedding Highlights film promoting the park as a venue along with some wedding promotional photos.

How could we refuse this challenge? the only requirement I wanted was it had to be filmed like a real wedding, So the date was set and we set and the hunt began to find extras as our wedding guests, all the suppliers and Bride & Groom were booked by Fernanda, We short a celebrant and seeing as Leonard beard offered to come as an extra it would have been rude not to ask him to perform the blessing. That was the cast and support suppliers I just needed my team and of course I had to pull in my regular wedding crew for this one as I wanted the best, Filipe was our eye in the sky on the drone, Brandon on B Cam, I was on A Cam, Kellie was on photography and Megan as our assistant.

Setting up the many cameras that would be used

Make up being done on our Bride & Groom

The ceremony area being prepared

Using steady cams to follow the couple

Setting up the waterfall shot for video and photography

Fernanda, the Bride & Groom and my Crew

So the morning of the shoot and we were so lucky with the weather, not a cloud in the sky and a warm November Algarvian day, we arrived to meet our bride and groom Kevin and Kyria  (AKA Racheal and Martin) it was great that our couple were actually married to each other and they actually had their wedding at Zoomarine.  Kyria & Kevin had their makeup done by Beauty By Sara  and hair was done by Valentina Hairstyle  , Kyrias dress was provided by Amores Perfeitos  and the ceremony was being set up with suppliers from Inventos – Claudia Sousa .
We spent the morning with the bride and groom in the Dolphins Tropical Bay where the dolphin trainers got the dolphins to jump around the couple, we changed a few locations within the bay and after we got all the footage and photos from the land Filipe had his turn getting what he needed from the air, so much care was involved to get these few seconds of aerial footage, the drone could not fly to low as there was a risk the dolphins could get the drone, Fernanda and the trainers were constantly monitoring and every angle had to be planned in advance as the well being of the dolphins was first and foremost.
We then all moved on to the big wheel where we all had chance to go round and get what we needed for the video, we then jumped onto the merry-go-round, awesome fun and we get paid for doing this!!!
We stopped for lunch and before we knew it all the extras were arriving, Megan met them all and brought them round to the ceremony area where Leonard Beard – Algarve Wedding Celebrant  kindly volunteered his services for the afternoon and held a wonderful ceremony for Racheal and Martin, the ceremony felt so real even some of the extras were crying, in was such an amazing setting and was truly emotional.
After Racheal and Martin were married (again) we all moved up to the cocktail area where the Prosecco Bar was supplied by Sunny Bubbles  Prosecco and Juice was served as more filming and photos were taken.
Then we had to film the reception meal, so we all went to the area that Fernanda had decorated and were seated, while the bride and groom did a few toasts and pretended to cut the beautiful cake.
The Extras were then finished, a big thank you to you all (names listed below) we hope you enjoyed your afternoon filming at Zoomarine.
As the sun was setting we headed back to the Tropical Bay and made the most of the stunning Algarve sunsets.
What an amazing day and to work with such great professional people, a big thank you to my team who got everything we needed, thank you to Kevin and Kyria who were a great bride and groom and did whatever we asked from them, which involved loads of kissing and a BIG Thank you to Fernanda who was just great fun to work with, all the suppliers who made the day possible, all the extras who was simply awesome and a big thank you to all the Zoomarine trainers who genuinely care and look after the dolphins with such passion and dedication.
If you are looking for an Algarve wedding venue like nothing else you should think about Zoomarine, such a stunning wedding venue and professional staff that will make your dream wedding a reality, for more information visit their website http://eventos.zoomarine.pt/en/.
Check out the Zoomarine video Below.  
Extras used on the day: Kristina Hands, Jane Cooper, Katiuska Peixoto, Ria Massapina, Alexandra Worthington, Pat Corneth, George Butler, Eve, Tommie, Beatriz Prazens, Dorothy Ward, Christina Larkin, Jean Rogers, Dioga Oliveiras, Angelique Rogerio, Manuela Oliveira, Ann Price, Dorothy Ward
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